Server Infrastructure

CSG works in close partnership with leading vendors such as HP, IBM, Dell, VMware & Citrix to supply our clients with highly performant, robust and reliable server platform infrastructures for both physical and virtual environments.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Corporate Systems Cloud is a fully automated platform where you can login, create and start up servers from our Datacentre. You can customize the infrastructure as you require, creating servers, upgrading resources, deleting services and removing them as and when you need to. This fully tangible and agile service offering from Corporate Systems Cloud ensures you can offer flexibility to your business.

Why IaaS from Corporate Systems Cloud

  • You want to ensure you offer IT flexibility to the business whilst not demanding bank breaking budgets.
  • You want to create a test and dev platform for IT to test the latest software patches and updates or new software systems without purchasing new hardware.
  • You need to add servers to your current solution to cope with additional server loads (perhaps during busy business periods or an as interim solution)
  • You need to budget accurately to the business in order to release capital elsewhere in the department or business.
  • You want to create and delete servers when you want to.
  • You would like to move everything to the Cloud.

How to get started with Corporate Systems Cloud?

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